Safety Inspection

The safety inspection will help you identify potential hazards and risks associated with your work activity. This allows you to put measures in place to make your workplace safer.

“There are many types of Health and safety inspections, it is important to ensure it fits the needs of your organisation…”

Safety Inspection Services

KIS Safety can conduct workplace safety inspections on your behalf giving you an impartial view and provide support and advice.

An evaluation of your current procedures and systems will determine what criteria the inspection will be measured against and how frequently they are required.

On completion we will provide you with a written report, detailing prioritised recommendations based on a traffic light system. We will also assist you with the planning and implementation.

Why undertake inspections?

The benefits of undertaking regular inspections can include reducing:

  • Accidents/incidents
  • Lost time
  • Long-term sickness
  • Reportable injuries
  • Insurance claims and premiums