Signage Surveys

Health and Safety Signage Surveys

Health and safety signage surveys are vital to ensure what signage is required, and the best approach to the placement in your premises.
Do you know the different types of safety signs and what should be used where?

An important part of work place safety is the correct use of Safety signs and signals, giving awareness and direction to staff and visitors alike. As a legal requirement, Safety signs help an organisation minimise the risk of accidents and injury in a cost effective manner.

“You wil be safe in the knowledge that safety signage works as it should and fits the requisite hazard”

KIS Safety can assist your organisation in applying the Health and Safety (Safety Signs and Signals) Regulations 1996 which stipulate both the provision and placement of safety signage.

We will conduct a complete survey of your site that will encompass all work activity areas and safety related disciplines, such as fire safety and first aid.

KIS Safety can also facilitate the procurement of signage as well as inform you on the correct installation giving you total peace of mind.

For more information contact us on 017480 645657 or email.
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