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Simon Holmshaw founded KIS Safety 12 years ago following a successful career in the Sheffield’ Wire industry. Having worked in both sales and production, to eventually managing the mill and distribution facility.

I had Challenges involving accidents and HSE improvement notices to becoming the leading  plant in Group Safety in the low carbon division.

Factory Walkways
Segregated Walkways Sheffield

Simon saw an opportunity to bring his experience to a wider audience and help a number of different people in different industries with KIS Health and Safety Services.

Customer focus and in particular being part of  your team is what the business is all about.

Health and Safety Consultant
health and safety consultant sheffield

With a strong customer focussed background, experience in managing people and implementing systems. KIS Safety has a focus on, not only developing your health and safety systems, but developing the people within the organisation to take charge of their working life and improve safety culture.

Machine operative involved in safety analysis programme
Front line operatives involved in Safety Improvement Teams

KIS Health and Safety Services have worked  alongside welders, engineers, machine operatives, supervisory staff  and management to bring the best out of  your team of people and improve on site Health and Safety. 

Experience and empathy are paramount to implement the management of health and safety and improve the safety culture of your business.

More about our Health and Safety Services

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Health and Safety Policy

If you have over 5 employees then by law you must have a complete written Health and Safety Policy (HSP) and be actively implementing it. 
We have requests from many businesses that have required a policy when taking on apprentices or for CHAS applications.  But the action level is 5 employees and if you are employing more than this number, you should have an HSP in place.
The HSP is best described as a management tool to help you implement your legal obligations towards health and safety and in effect improve your working conditions.

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Risk Assessment and Method Statements (RAMS)

Risk Assessment is the corner stone for any business looking to make its business safer for employees and implement its legal obligations.
Whilst it is good business and health and safety practice to carry out risk assessments, many businesses employing sub-contractor services want to see your Risk Assessments and Method Statements (RAMS) prior to giving you the work. 
We work with many small businesses helping them to develop specific RAMS that gives them the opportunity to gain work with new customers.
We also carry out specific risk assessments such as fire risk assessments and COSHH Assessments

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We can help you obtain CHAS Accreditation

CHAS helps clients (buyers) and contractors (suppliers) ensure compliance across the different areas of risk management, and mitigate risks across the supply chain.
Many contractors, such as plumbers, electricians, joiners and builders join the CHAS scheme to help them get work and find new contracts.
CHAS provides an online portal system that links buyers and contractors together, with the assurance that the sub-contract work will be carried out safely and to a high standard.
It helps the sub-contractor get through the pre-qualification process when completing the headache of a tender.
KIS Health and Safety Services have a 100% track record on helping contractors achieve CHAS status.

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Health and Safety training can take many forms, it can be toolbox talk training on subjects, specific training on tools or work equipment or external certificated training from approved and accredited bodies.
KIS Health and Safety Services can help you on all of these levels.
We can supply you with our package of online e-learning videos, carryout toolbox talk training on site or help you develop specific equipment training modules.

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Simon explains why Health and Safety is essential in the workplace and how KIS SAFETY could help you comply and exceed the requirements you need to meet with current Health and Safety Law.

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