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Heath and Safety Sheffield
Heath and Safety Sheffield

We are Independent health and safety advisors with a hands on approach to helping you with your health and safety needs. You may be a small one owner business or a medium sized company with 20 or more employees, we can help you.

What we do

Health and safety policies we can supply you and help you with managing your health and safety within your company.

Risk Assessments and Method Statements (RAMS) we can help you develop your RAMS for clients.

CHAS accreditation we can help you get your accreditation.

Health and Safety Training.  Supply you with all forms of training to comply with regulations.

How we do it

We will get an overview of your type of work, look at your existing paperwork and procedures, if you have them, then draw up an action plan to help you get on track.

Contact us for a free 1 hour no obligation meeting to determine your needs.

More about our health and safety services


Health and Safety Policy

If you have over 5 employees then by law you must have a  written Health and Safety Policy (HSP) and be actively implementing it. 
We have had requests from many businesses that have required help with a health and safety policy. They may have been applying for a SSIP (safety schemes in procurement) accreditation such as CHAS or employing an apprentices for example.  But the action level is 5 employees and if you are employing more than this number, you may need our help.
The HSP is best described as a management tool to help you implement your legal obligations towards health and safety.
Health & Safety Policy Page

Risk Assessment and Method Statements (RAMS)

Risk Assessment is the corner stone for any business looking to make its business safer for employees and implement its legal obligations.
Whilst it is good business and health and safety practice to carry out risk assessments, many businesses employing sub-contractor services want to see your Risk Assessments and Method Statements (RAMS) prior to giving you the work. 
We work with many small businesses helping them to develop specific RAMS that gives them the opportunity to gain work with new customers.
We also carry out specific risk assessments such as fire risk assessments and COSHH Assessments
Risk Assessments Page

We can help you obtain CHAS Accreditation

CHAS helps clients (buyers) and contractors (suppliers) ensure compliance across the different areas of risk management, and mitigate risks across the supply chain.
Many contractors, such as plumbers, electricians, joiners and builders join the CHAS scheme to help them get work and find new contracts.
CHAS provides an online portal system that links buyers and contractors together, with the assurance that the sub-contract work will be carried out safely and to a high standard.
It helps the sub-contractor get through the pre-qualification process when completing the headache of a tender.
KIS Health and Safety Services have a 100% track record on helping contractors achieve CHAS status.
CHAS Accreditation Page
Health and Safety training can take many forms, it can be toolbox talk training on subjects, specific training on tools or work equipment or external certificated training from approved and accredited bodies.
KIS Health and Safety Services can help you on all of these levels.
We can supply you with our package of online e-learning videos, carryout toolbox talk training on site or help you develop specific equipment training modules.
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Simon explains why Health and Safety is essential in the workplace and how KIS SAFETY could help you comply and exceed the requirements you need to meet with current Health and Safety Law.

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