You are probably reading this web site because you have a problem in your business that is related to health and safety.
You may:-
  1. Have had a an accident at your place of work resulting in a visit from the HSE or local council.                   
  2. Require assistance to submit health and safety documentation to an accredited body to ensure you keep your sales flow in to the business, such as CHAS, MUTA, Unipol or Safe Contractor.
  3. Have received a Fees For Intervention visit and require assistance to develop your risk assessments and method statements.
  4. Want to employ a graduate or apprentice and require a health and safety policy.
  5.  Have identified a health and safety training requirement that requires fulfilling.
  6.  Be a small contractor that requires help with a risk assessment for a customer.
For all these points you will need the help of a consultant to guide you through the minefield of health and safety. 
Simon Holmshaw founded KIS Safety over 12 years ago, these 6 points are the most common areas where Business Owners and Managers have needed help with health and Safety.
Can we help you?
For more info on Simon check the About page or watch the video here.  KIS Safety has experience working with the following sectors including construction, manufacturing, food manufacturing, information technology, transport,  property, warehousing, charities and service industries such as restaurants and cafes. 
Depending on your circumstances, the level of service can range from simple advice and remote assistance, to working on your site at the side of your employees with a hands on approach. 
For a small business just starting out, we can tailor our package to help you establish your commitment to health and safety and at the same time, grow with your business.
For larger organisations, who already have a level of health and safety documentation in place, we can assist your responsible person with a competent person service.  This can be in depth working on the front line developing risk assessments and method statements with your team.  Alternatively for some clients, we merely facilitate tasks (such as delivering toolbox talks or conducting fire drills) to ensure peace of mind that the implementation of the Health and Safety at Work Act and other relevant legislation is being met.
It may be that you need a one off risk assessment service, to provide a risk assessment as a sub contractor or something more in depth such as a fire risk assessment or a suite of COSHH Assessments, we can help you with all of these areas.
For a lot of companies and one owner businesses, we help in organising your annual health check for organisations such as Chas, Safe Contractor etc.  We have a fantastic record with 100% pass rate for all accreditation projects undertaken.
Plotting, planning and executing a training plan can be a difficult task for anyone in business.  This is an area that we use to help to improve your business, with employee buy in to ensure the training is utilised in the work place adding value to your business.
A simple way to get started is to conduct a:  Review of your Heath and Safety Arrangements for Your Business
We can take a look at what you have in place already, don’t worry if that is nothing, the important thing is to get started.  From this we will draw up a cost effective plan of action to suit your budget and discuss the way forward. 
We have prepared a brief guide below on the main areas that we have discussed and are possibly what you require.

The Facts: Health and Safety Policy

If you have over 5 employees then by law you must have a complete written Health and Safety Policy.  
This will comprise of a mission statement, how you intend to implement health and safety into your business.  A responsibilities section, who will be carrying out the required functions of your policy.  Finally an arrangements section, which will detail how you will implement your policy into the business, taking account of your work activity.
The policy must demonstrate that you are implementing the required areas by containing evidential documentation.
Health & Safety Policy Page

Risk Assessment and Method Statements (RAMS)

Risk Assessment is the corner stone for any business looking to make its business safer for employees and implement its safety obligations.
By identifying the hazards that yuo and your employees encounter in your business, you can assess the level of risk that harm may occur from them.  This will give you an indication of what action you need to take and how quickly, to safe guard your employees and prevent an accident.
Our service can be for the small or medium size business looking for a simple risk assessment, to a larger organisation who requires more in depth assessments for heavy machinery, or specific areas such as fire and noise.
Risk Assessments Page

We can help you obtain CHAS Accreditation

CHAS (The Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme) for under 5 and over 5 employees. The benefits to any business with CHAS outweigh the initial cost by far.
As a supplier you demonstrate compliance with H&S law to any potential buyers and businesses looking to employ your services.
CHAS introduced a new portal system last year and you can read about it in our Safety Blog.  Chas accreditation applications can be a minefield for most business, but we can help you navigate through the system.
CHAS Accreditation Page

Health & Safety Training Sheffield

Our health and safety training adds value to your business by incorporating your specific business needs and making the training relevant to your requirements.  
By being in tune with your business we can help identify areas of weakness that can be improved.  
This ultimately means that your staff can take that training into the workplace and facilitate improvements.
Health and Safety Training Page


Simon explains why Health and Safety is essential in the workplace and how KIS SAFETY could help you comply and exceed the requirements you need to meet with current Health and Safety Law.

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