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Heath and Safety Sheffield
Heath and Safety Sheffield

We are Independent health and safety advisors and provide Health and Safety training based in Sheffield but travel throughout Yorkshire, Humberside and Nottinghamshire. You may be a small one owner business or a medium sized company with 20 or more employees.

Whatever your size, we can help you.

Our range of services

Health and Safety Advice

For all businesses with over 5 employees, we can help you develop your written health and safety policy, a legal requirement, and implement it within your business.

Health and safety policies are also a tool to help you establish good practice within your business and meet the necessary standards. We have worked with both small businesses with less than 10 employees. We have also worked with companies with 50+ employees with multi branches and assisted them in establishing OHAS 18001 health and safety quality status.

Over the years our clients have included, bespoke waste pipe installers, rewind manufacturers, warehousing operations, fabrication shops, transport and distribution, cleaning companies and food manufacturers.

Health and Safety Training

Health and Safety Training is an important part of complying with legal obligations and help to reduce areas of risk within your business. Training can be certificated training from approved and accredited bodies, toolbox talk training, inductions or training your employees in your safe systems of work.

KIS Health and Safety Services have helped over 200 business in the last 16 years in all these aspects.

We have an extensive range of accredited online training courses as part of your employees continual professional development that provide a flexible approach to learning via our online portal systems. These not only include Health and Safety, but also other business requirements, such as HospitalityBusiness SkillsHealth and Social Care, Mental Health and Well Being, and many more.

For existing customers we can deliver toolbox talk training on site or online for convenience.  We also work alongside our clients to develop their safe systems of work and assist in the training of existing or new employees as well as inductions for new starters to the business.

For more information contact us on 07480 645657 or via our contact page

Safety Schemes in Procurement

CHAS accreditation and other safety schemes such as safe contractor. We can help you achieve your accreditation with these schemes to help you keep or win new contracts. KIS Health and Safety Services have a 100% track record on helping contractors and businesses achieve CHAS status.

We have also assisted companies in achieving accreditation to other registered Safety Schemes in Procurement such as SMAS worksafe, and Safe Contractor .

Over the last 14 years we have worked with electricians, scaffolders, plumbers, renewable energy suppliers, ground workers, asbestos removal companies, shop fitters, cleaning companies and building contractors.

Fire Risk Assessments

Taking care of property management companies, landlords, business owners, care homes, responsible persons in factories and warehouses and compliance managers. We can offer a complete fire risk assessment service and Fire Marshal training as well as help establishing your fire safety policy.

Risk Assessment and Method Statements (RAM’s) for the small business or trades person

Risk Assessments and Method Statements (RAMS) for the small business who may not have the time or resource, we are here to help you get that contract and develop your RAMS. Our clients have included retails shops, carpenters, landscape gardeners, window cleaners and retail food businesses.

Only a phone call away

Chat via the Green WhatsApp function, Contact us via email or call us on 07480 645657 for a chat on how we can help you.

More about our health and safety services


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Health and Safety Policy

If you have over 5 employees then by law you must have a  written Health and Safety Policy (HSP) and be actively implementing it. 
We have had requests from many businesses that have required help with a health and safety policy. They may have been applying for a SSIP (safety schemes in procurement) accreditation such as CHAS or employing an apprentices for example.  But the action level is 5 employees and if you are employing more than this number, you may need our help.
The HSP is best described as a management tool to help you implement your legal obligations towards health and safety.

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Risk Assessment and Method Statements (RAMS)

Risk Assessment is the corner stone for any business looking to make its business safer for employees and implement its legal obligations.
Whilst it is good business and health and safety practice to carry out risk assessments, many businesses employing sub-contractor services want to see your Risk Assessments and Method Statements (RAMS) prior to giving you the work. 
We work with many small businesses helping them to develop specific RAMS that gives them the opportunity to gain work with new customers.
We also carry out specific risk assessments such as fire risk assessments and COSHH Assessments

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We can help you obtain CHAS Accreditation

KIS Health and Safety Services have a 100% track record on helping contractors achieve CHAS status.
CHAS helps clients (buyers) and contractors (suppliers) ensure compliance across the different areas of risk management, and mitigate risks across the supply chain.
Many contractors, such as plumbers, electricians, joiners and builders join the CHAS scheme to help them get work and find new contracts.
CHAS provides an online portal system that links buyers and contractors together, with the assurance that the sub-contract work will be carried out safely and to a high standard.
It helps the sub-contractor get through the pre-qualification process when completing the headache of a tender.

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Health and Safety training can take many forms, it can be toolbox talk training on subjects, your specific training on your safe systems of work  or online certificated training from approved and accredited bodies.
KIS Health and Safety Services can help you on all of these levels.
We have an extensive range of online training courses that not only include Health and Safety, but also HospitalityBusiness SkillsHealth and Social Care, Mental Health and Well Being, and many more. For existing customers we can deliver toolbox talk training on site or online for convenience. For more information contact us on 07480 645657 or via our contact page

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Simon explains why Health and Safety is essential in the workplace and how KIS SAFETY could help you comply and exceed the requirements you need to meet with current Health and Safety Law.

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