Are you confused by the new CHAS Portal?

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If being accredited to CHAS (Contractors Health & Safety Assessment Scheme) plays a major part in your business, then you may have experienced the new portal that was introduced earlier this year.

The new client portal has been developed after working with stakeholders and User Experience Consultancy. (source CHAS website)

The Portal features:

1: Personal login, where you can see your supply chain and CHAS contractors.

2: A powerful search engine, where you can search by company name, trade location or company number.  You also have the ability to add contractors to your supply chain or product.

3. Project management capability.  You can create, amend or edit projects.  You can manage contractors in projects. With the ability to add contractors to more than one project.  Use your dashboard for an easy overview of your contractors’ accreditations statuses.

4. Contractor qualification overview. By hovering over the contractor name, you can view the full range of assessment and insurance documents held.  Thus giving you the opportunity to choose contractors by your agreed standards.

These improvements all make for a system that is more user friendly, it offers a more visual, practical and convenient experience for the user.

To understand all these changes, CHAS have provided you with extremely helpful video guides that can be found here:

What if you’re still struggling to get to grips with your accreditation under the new Portal system?

At KIS Safety, we understand that people need to focus more on the core elements of the business.  In essence, we know you want to stick to what you are good at.  That might be repairing a boiler, hanging doors, building a house extension or simply fitting new computer equipment in Schools.

We understand that, getting to grips with the ever-changing world of technology, social media etc can take its toll on running a business.

Supplying the correct documents to an assessor has always been a frightening experience for some of you.  Navigating the new Portal system may just have ramped up  the stress level.

So, be assured we are here to help you.

Not only can we help by guiding you though assessment process, we can also help assist in navigating you through the new Portal system.

In essence, organising your CHAS Accreditation has never been so easy, with the help of KIS Safety.

For more information call us direct on 07480 645657 or send us an email

Don’t stress yourself out about CHAS!

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